Geo Locations

Location based apps give the consumer immediate access to product or service information, price comparisons, reviews, product alternatives, and other mobile commerce options. This can have a major impact on your business. Our expertise lies in merging all location based components, geospatial processing, as well as integration with other systems. We have deep understanding and competence using GPS­ & Cellular based technologies, WLAN and Bluetooth.


Freight Transportation and Logistics is under pressure for meeting greater customer expectations. In a digitalizing environment IT investments will help you. By cutting down costs and speeding up procurement, optimizing warehouse logistics and shipment processes, our solutions can contribute to your company success and achieve the highest level of efficiency.


Smartphones penetration and broadband connections coverage increase is changing customers behaviour and driving growth in online shopping. Rising competition makes it crucial for business to partner with an eCommerce website development company to enforce digitalizing. We support small and medium-sized companies starting from the initial idea to the continuous support after online shop launch. Linked to your specific requirements, our eCommerce solution will work efficiently based on experience gained before.

Social Media

Businesses are now actively using social media channels for customer retention and lead generation to maximize revenues. We led to new opportunities for business to maintain a presence across multiple social media channels. Lets push social networks to work for your business and take advantage of custom software development experience to deliver engaging, innovative functionality and seamlessly integrate it with social networking tools in a single solution.

Dedicated Team

Would you like to enforce your in-house team or start long term project that lasts at least 4 months? Our solution is to provide you with dedicated team that become a part of your company. You will have full control over the project and people while we provide recruiting and administrative support as well as facilitate communication. They will share your vision and become interested in achieving company’s business goals.


Right composition of hardware, software, network resources and services required allows you to deliver your IT solutions and services to employees, partners and customers. We help you to design the best solution for your needs. Our engineers will take care of all incidents including those related to product integration and enhancement, database service and network connectivity. Each client has different systems and different setups. It allows us to learn constantly and become better at what we do.

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